Daughter @ Brighton Dome – 17th January 2016

DaughterDaughter appeared on my radar when I heard their track Youth on the advert for the Tour de France, which prompted me to check out their debut album If You Leave. To my ear most of the songs, although understated and elegant, sound quite similar, using the same low-key indie folk formula with frontwoman Elena Tonra’s breathy, high-pitched vocals singing melancholy lyrics of love and loss.

The three-piece band, supported by a female keyboardist, guitarist and backing singer, are currently on tour having recently released their follow-up album Not To Disappear, which to all intents and purposes offers more of the same. Their set at the Dome was a mixture of old and new, their strange lack of physical presence on stage made more interesting by the moody lighting and somewhat excessive smoke. Unfortunately, there was a lot of reverb noise from the wall behind us, which was distracting and not great for a venue of such repute!

After playing new track Doing the Right Thing, a touching song about dementia, Tonra admitted that she’d headbutted the mic, which was ‘quite painful and not very cool’. Oblivious to this, we chuckled at the refreshingly down-to-earth comment. Hers and guitarist Igor Haefeli’s rather awkward banter between songs only endeared the audience further. Alone/With You was another poignant song exploring another epidemic of our age: loneliness. However, the standout tracks for me, such as the angrier Human with its persistent guitar riff and the slowly building Winter were from the first album and I still think there’s more light and shade on this album, but maybe the second one requires further listening.


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